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Strut Channel Brackets | Slotted & Double Channel Brackets

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Channel Brackets

channel bracket
Square Plate / Square Washer
channel bracket2
Square Plate / Square Washer
channel bracket3
2 Hole Straight Mending Plate
channel bracket4
3 Hole Straight Mending Plate
channel bracket5
4 Hole Straight Mending Plate
channel bracket6
5 Hole Straight Mending Plate
channel bracket7
Angle Brackets
channel bracket8
Angle Brackets
channel bracket9
Angle Brackets
channel bracket10
Angle Brackets
channel bracket11
Z Brackets
channel bracket12
Angle T Brackets
channel bracket13
T Bracket 4 Hole
channel bracket14
L Bracket 3 Hole
channel bracket15
Obtuse Angle Bracket
channel bracket16
Obtuse Angle Bracket
channel bracket17
Obtuse Angle Bracket
channel bracket18
External Channel Coupler
channel bracket19
External Channel Coupler
channel bracket20
Obtuse Angle Bracket
channel bracket21
Sunken Bracket Shallow
channel bracket22
Sunken Bracket Shallow
channel bracket23
Sunken Bracket Shallow
channel bracket24
Z and U Shape Fittings
channel bracket25
Flat Corner Bracket
channel bracket26
Corner Bracket Wide Base
channel bracket27
Single Channel Base Plate
channel bracket28
Single Channel Base Plate
channel bracket29
Double Channel Base Plate
channel bracket30
Wing Bracket 2 Lug

Strut channel brackets are metal brackets used for supporting and attaching strut channels to other surfaces. Strut channels are commonly used in construction and electrical installations to provide a framework for running cables, pipes, or other support systems. These brackets are designed to securely hold the strut channel in place, providing stability and strength. They are typically made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand heavy loads and resist corrosion. There are various types of strut channel brackets available, including L-shaped brackets, U-shaped brackets, angle brackets, and flat brackets. Each type has its specific functions and uses, depending on the application requirements. Some common uses of strut channel brackets include supporting electrical conduit, securing HVAC ductwork, suspending lighting fixtures, and creating shelving units in warehouses or garages. Overall, strut channel brackets play a crucial role in providing structural support and flexibility in construction and electrical projects.

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