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Plain Washers

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Plain / Flat Washers DIN 125
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Plain / Flat Washers DIN 125
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Plain / Flat Washers DIN 125
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Plain / Flat Washers DIN 125

Plain washers, also known as flat washers, are small, yet essential components in various industries and applications. Specifically, DIN 125 and DIN 126 are two popular standards that govern the specifications and dimensions of these washers. DIN 125 washers are designed with a larger outer diameter and thinner thickness, making them ideal for distributing the load over a larger area. They are commonly used in construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries to prevent the bolt heads or nuts from damaging the surface of the material being fastened. On the other hand, DIN 126 washers have a smaller outer diameter and thicker thickness, providing a more secure grip and increased stability to the fastener. These washers are commonly used in applications where high vibration or movement is expected, such as in machinery or heavy-duty equipment. Both DIN 125 and DIN 126 washers play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of the fastened joints, contributing to overall safety and durability.

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