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DIN 6915 Hexagon Structural Nut | DIN 6915 Weights

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DIN 6915

Hexagon nuts with large widths

DIN 6915 - Hexagon nuts with large widths across flats for high-voltage connections


Steel Grades: 4.6, 4.8, 8.8

Finish: Self, Black, Bright Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanized

Note: All data for information purpose only. For more details on product standards or dimensions, please feel free to contact us at info@rsgfasteners.com

Size(M) Pitch(P) s s m m Weight
(kg 1000 pc)
    Min Max Min Max  
M12 1.75 21.16 22 9.64 10 23.3
M16 2.00 26.16 27 12.3 13 44.8
M20 2.50 31.00 32 14.9 16 73.9
M22 2.50 35.00 36 16.9 18 104
M24 3.00 40.00 41 17.7 19 155
M27 3.00 45.00 46 20.7 22 224
M30 3.50 49.00 50 22.7 24 300
M36 4.00 58.80 60 27.7 29 515

The DIN 6915 Hexagon Structural Nut, also known as a heavy hex nut, is a crucial component in various industries, especially in structural engineering and construction. This high-strength nut is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable connections in demanding applications. Manufactured to meet the standards set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), this nut possesses exceptional durability and performance. Its hexagonal shape allows for easy tightening and loosening with a wrench, ensuring a secure and precise fit. The DIN 6915 nut is typically used in conjunction with high-strength bolts and is commonly found in bridges, buildings, and other structures where stability and safety are paramount. Its ability to distribute the load evenly across the bolted joint makes it an essential element in ensuring the structural integrity of these projects. Whether it is used in tension or compression applications, the DIN 6915 Hexagon Structural Nut provides the necessary strength and reliability to withstand the most demanding conditions, making it an indispensable component in the construction industry.


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