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EN 15048 Structural Bolts - RSG Fasteners

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En 15048

Non Pre-Load Bolt Assemblies

BS EN 15048 – 1 & 28.8 & 10.9 Assemblies BS EN 15048 Fully Threaded Setscrew Dimensions.


Steel Grades: 8.8, 10.9

Finish: Self, Black, Bright Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanized

Note: All data for information purpose only. For more details on product standards or dimensions, please feel free to contact us at info@rsgfasteners.com

Pitch width across
flats (s)
width across
flats (s)
width across
corners (se)
thick of
corner (m)
thick of
corner (m)
d1 d1 d2 d2 thick (s) thick (s) Stress area
test mandrel
Prop class Prop class
    Min Max Min Min Max Min  Max Min Max Min Max mm2 Grade 8 Grade 10
M12 1.75 17.57 18.0 21.10 10.40 12.20 13.50 13.93 22.70 24.00 2.20 2.80 84.30 67.0 78.10
M16 2.00 23.16 24.0 26.75 14.10 15.90 17.50 17.93 28.70 30.00 2.40 3.60 157.00 125.0 150.00
M20 2.50 29.16 30.0 32.95 16.90 19.00 22.00 22.52 35.40 37.00 2.40 3.60 245.00 196.0 236.00
M24 3.00 35.00 36.0 39.55 20.20 22.30 26.00 26.52 42.40 44.00 3.40 4.60 353.00 282.0 342.00
M30 3.50 45.00 46.0 50.85 24.50 26.40 33.00 33.62 54.10 56.00 3.40 4.60 561.00 448.0 551.00
M36 4.00 53.80 55.0 60.79 29.40 31.90 39.00 40.00 64.10 66.00 4.00 6.00 817.00 653.0 808.00

EN 15048 is a European standard that sets technical requirements for non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies made from carbon and alloy steel, intended for use in steel structures and occasionally in other structures requiring similar techniques. The standard details the specifications for non-preloaded structural bolts, nuts, and washers used in steel construction and provides guidelines to ensure their reliability and safety in various structural applications. The standard covers a range of parameters including mechanical properties, dimensions, and material requirements for non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies. Specific criteria for bolt diameters, thread lengths, head dimensions, and performance grades are outlined in EN 15048. This ensures the compatibility and integrity of the bolted joints in steel structures, addressing considerations such as load-bearing capacity, shear resistance, and thread engagement. EN 15048 also addresses the material specifications and mechanical properties of the components, including bolts, nuts, and washers. The standard specifies the material grades, mechanical properties, as well as surface treatment and corrosion protection requirements to ensure the long-term performance and durability of the structural bolting assemblies in different environmental conditions. In addition to its European significance, EN 15048 has an equivalent ISO counterpart. The ISO equivalent standard for non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies is ISO 7412. This alignment with the ISO standard ensures that structural bolting assemblies manufactured under EN 15048 meet recognized international requirements for quality, dimensions, and material properties. This allows for the acceptance and utilization of these bolting assemblies in global construction projects, ensuring compliance with internationally recognized standards for structural safety and performance. Non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies specified by EN 15048 are essential components in steel constructions, bridges, and various load-bearing structures. Their reliability and standardized design make them integral to ensuring the safety and performance of steel structures and other applications requiring similar bolting techniques. EN 15048 sets the technical requirements for non-preloaded structural bolting assemblies, ensuring their dimensional precision, material quality, and mechanical performance for structural and construction applications. Its alignment with ISO 7412 provides global consistency in the specifications and quality of these critical components, making them a trusted and widely accepted solution for structural bolting needs in construction and engineering projects worldwide.


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